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think it's supposed to be cheese

it's gone blue. it's riddled with mold.

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Birthdate:Aug 5
Mizz. 27. Female.
INTERESTS reading, writing, mathematics, cartography, gis
AUTHORS Tamora Peirce, L. Frank Baum, Stuart Kaminsky
TV Doctor who, Star Trek, Farscape, Xena Warrior Princess, The Food Network, Power Rangers
MOVIES Aliens, City of Lost Children, Oklahoma!, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Magnificent Seven
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Courage isn't just a matter
of not being afraid. It's
being afraid and doing what
you have to do anyway.
; The Doctor

[ The Fourth Doctor Is Made Of Awesome ]

Interests (124):

al calavicci, alien resurrection, aliens, ancient greece, ares, ares/joxer, benton fraser, blade, blues brothers, brendan/emmett, buck wilmington, carson beckett, cartography, castiel, castiel/dean, chris larabee, comics, csi, csi: new york, csi:ny, cube, david hewlett, david hewlett's heart-shaped ass, dean stockwell, dean winchester, dean/castiel, discworld, doctor who, elwood blues, engineering, ezra standish, fanfic, fanfiction, farscape, firefly, flack/aiden, geographic information systems, geography, gis, goddesses, gods, gps, guillermo del toro, harrison ford, hellboy, highlander, history, house, htlj, icons, infatuation with fictional characters, jared padalecki, jean-pierre jeunet, jensen ackles, jim ellison, john sheppard, john sheppard's striped boxers, john winchester, josiah sanchez, joxer, joxer the mighty, law and order ci, living armor/tony stark, lost, m*a*s*h, m/m slash, mag7, magnificent 7, magnificent seven, map projection, maps, mary winchester, master of geography, math, mcshep, methos, misha collins, movie quotes, movies, mystery, mythology, nathan jackson, navy ncis, neopets, newsies, ost, pantheon, power rangers, quantum leap, random things of rassilon, ray kowalski, ray vecchio, rockford files, rocky horror picture show, rodney mckay, ron perlman, sam winchester, sam/al, science, sean connery, sg-1, sga, special effects, spn, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stuart kaminsky, supernatural, tamora pierce, terry pratchett, the magnificent seven, the princess bride, the sentinel, thoughtcrimes/boa vs python, time lords, time travel, tv, vin tanner, w.b. yeats, writing, x-men, xena, xwp
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