31 October 2014 @ 09:37 pm
I'm blogging while drinking... and eating Halloween candy. SOMEONE TAKE THE MACHINE AWAY FROM ME
12 October 2014 @ 03:01 pm
I am not emotionally ready for my crankiest family members to be here tonight.

That is all

other than the fact that 'emotionally' attempted to autocomplete as 'emotional intelligence'. HA. THAT'S A FUNNY.
19 September 2014 @ 03:50 pm
Well there you go. New car is broken in. Just got my first UMD parking ticket. :P
06 September 2014 @ 07:02 pm
Oh that was smart. I ate at 8:30 AM today. then nothing much later. I went out to the store at about 4 PM, got some food, swung by the Chipotle. Came EXTREMELY close to passing out waiting in line.

Obviously a combo of not eating and the ridiculous heat we're having. SMARRRRRT.
23 August 2014 @ 06:39 pm
So I know I've been pretty quiet on my journal. And when I do post, it's often to bitch about something. and of course it's August so I feel like posting. I don't understand that

so what's going on with Mizz? )

So anyway, I've been looking for other work. On one of my after work Meetups, I went to a workshop on using Bitbucket & GitHub. Pretty awesome topic anyway. But then the guy running it, STOPPED talking to someone as I was leaving to offer me an interview :D AWESOME.

I've made it through almost all of their interview process. Monday morning I'm in Chicago for the last interview. HOMG. SO EXCITED. cross your fingers for me :) I should know later that day on Monday about the job.
21 August 2014 @ 10:56 am
OH MAN. I am so frustrated right now. I just came out of that Sexual Harassment seminar.

Oh just what I want to do first thing in the AM. Sit and listen to a 60-something white guy talk to me about sexual harassment for two hours. And hear stupid questions about homosexuals and girls in revealing clothes. UGH. Are we really still victim blaming? And how about "two men kissing" making you uncomfortable?

I get that I work in a Facilities Management office. We have 900+ employees from all sorts of socio-economic and education backgrounds. Not everyone knows and understands or excepts women/gender/race rights. But shouldn't HR be educating them?!

And as an fyi to the old conservative farts: it's a college campus. the students are going to piss you off and scandalize you. That's their purpose.
20 August 2014 @ 08:25 pm
oh UGH. I have to attend a Sexual Harrasement Seminar tomorrow morning for a job that I don't know if I have past August.

19 August 2014 @ 09:43 pm
I want to do a write up of my weekend in NYC and the Jazz Age Lawn Party. But for now, have a picture of me looking FABULOUS.ooops! cut for image! )
12 August 2014 @ 04:14 pm
If you're asking me to write documentation for a web app please don't give me the info and login AND THEN IMEDIATLEY STOP THE SEVER SERVICES.

Other information I need before starting:
Due date. "Um, I dunno" is not a proper response to me asking when your meeting is.
10 July 2014 @ 07:50 pm
Interview is this coming Tuesday. It's a lunch interview - and the VP of DC office will be there! EEEEK.

:P Honestly, I consider that a complement. I FREAKING RATE.

And the demo of our application went really well! Good feedback, they really get how it will help them streamline their job.

seriously. the good vibes have DONE WONDERS this week
08 July 2014 @ 10:40 pm
Today was A REALLY GOOD DAY. The last couple of weeks (really, last few months) have sucked. My job is not a good fit for me. It's full of micromanagers, no repercussions, and crappy, crappy benefits. Mostly those benefits suck, because I am a contingent employee. But while I was in the IT office, my boss was wiling to let me work 10 hrs, 4 days a week. Nor did he care when I took my lunch, or how I manged my time. He also was planning on hiring me full time WITH the nice perks (vacations, summers, tuition remission, 401k). But then I got moved over to Planning - a different kettle of fish. There went the few (very few) perks I had. Gone were the 4-10s. Gone was freedom. I was ACTUALLY ASKED WHEN I TAKE LUNCH BREAKS. IN A PROFESSIONAL JOB. >.< Know what else was gone? The prospect for being hired! Fuckers. way to inspire loyalty

Anyway. GOOD THINGS. TODAY. I finally convinced the development team of a web app (not one I'm developing) that our project isn't complete for Thursday. But we can present a beta application! get feedback from the clients, answer questions, check workflows, etc. Then I went to a workshop on my own dime - how to use Git and Bitbucket. FANTASTIC lesson. Speaker was really presentable, down to earth, and approachable. THEN - he offered me an interview. He ACTUALLY STOPPED TALKING TO SOMEONE AS I WAS LEAVING TO COME OVER AND TALK TO ME


18 September 2013 @ 08:27 am
Reported to work and nope, software still not up. What am I going to do today? Have another half day? *sigh*

I suppose I can go back to my JavaScript tutorials. And at least the wifi is working today. It wasn't yesterday. I can get on the iPad.
08 May 2013 @ 12:35 pm
Only not really. I have two pages due on Friday, but REALLY NOT WORRIED ABOUT IT. Not when compared to the presentation and 50+ pages I turned in last week, or the ten pages I turned in today.


Meanwhile, Round 4 of [livejournal.com profile] womenverse has started! Come join!

off to put something in my belly that isn't coffee and binge on three seasons of White Collar
27 March 2013 @ 12:21 pm
Continuing from my train of thought yesterday about data standards, I have another mini-rant. GIS is cool. Really cool. But it is hard to explain what exactly I do. Because GIS encompasses so much. I do data analysis and satellite imagery analysis. I study sociology and economics and history. And I make art (maps really. but art is involved). Oh, I can also code in 5 languages (Java, C++, AML, Python, HTML) and need to start learning Flex.

So there's a huge range of things I know about. Which I guess makes it hard for employers to fit me in? Yes, there are jobs available in GIS. Lots and lots actually since it's a growing field. But here's the problem: I don't know how many of you have been job hunting recently, but most of it is all done on line now. As a result, one must navigate a company/school/government department's website and menus to find job postings. And you wanna know what the biggest problem with that is? There is no standard location for GIS job postings. Sometimes it's under IT. Sometimes engineering. Sometimes (rarely) it's under geography or GIS. BUT FOR REALS, THIS MAKES IT HARD TO JOB HUNT >.<

(I supposed I shouldn't be too surprised. There's no rhyme or reason to GIS when it comes to schooling either. Some colleges and universities put a GIS degree under Computer Science, some under Geography, some under Geography. Yep, you can graduate from different schools with a BA or a BS, there is no telling. At my university, GIS falls under the Social Sciences college. I'm fairly certain, we are the only degree in the College that is a BS. I think we're required to take more math than most GIS programs that grant BAs? AARRRGH. I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE. SO CONFUSED)

MEANWHILE, Bioshock Infinite was released yesterday. I just played the introduction, and let me tell you: PRETTY-NESS!!! Always cool world building from the Bioshock folks.

I'm not going to play any more of it right now though. I wanna finish LEGO LOTR first (digression: can it be 2 years from now so I can have LEGO Hobbit? also so we can just get the Battle of Five Armies OVER AND FUCKING DONE WITH??? I WANNA GET RID OF MY HOBBIT FEEEEEELS). And then I need to finish the original Bioshock since that isn't done yet. Hey, don't blame me, I only bought it in the last month with the Infinite pre-order (thank you Steam!). And I can't play it in the dark, too fucking creepy. Must play it during the day.

And you know, there's school work to be done D:

But hey! I'm officially getting paid for my internship now! which is cool. AND I'm hired through mid-August (part time) which means I'll have some income as I really start to job hunt. Also flexible hours since I'll be at the office about 10-15 hrs a week.

Also, my supervisor suggested I apply for the GIS position that will be opening in the next few weeks. Which is great and all (can you feel the 'but...' coming?) but I really don't think that I could stand this job full time. The politics leave something to be desired. There seem to be two GIS people? And they have very different Ideas about what should be done with data and information sharing and projects. I am confused. Something to think about.
26 March 2013 @ 03:06 pm
Yet another day in which I have to fight DEPLORABLE data standards. At least it wasn't in a meeting? It was just my supervisor and I this time, shaking our heads at the SHIT that people come up with. Really? Polygons ON TOP of polygons? On what planet does that make sense? And really you're going to do that and not even BE CONSISTANT about it? Only half the crosswalks appear above the roads while the other hald are below!

Oh and isn't it kinda standard to name feilds the SAME THING when they are going to be linked in Acess? If it isn't it SHOULD. Major headache, trying to figure out these tables.

Not to mention, there is still no metadata :(
05 March 2013 @ 10:49 pm

I know I had my hat when I walked into my office dungeon cubicial this morning. When I left 5 hours later? NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. and hats are hard for me to replace because my HEAD IS FREAKISHLY LARGE.

then in my Professional Writing class, we had a workshop day, where we swap papers and edit them. ~12 pages and all you can tell me is to take the page number off the first page? NOT HELPFUL.

Then, my winter boots. The sole came clean off. Luckily this was as I walked in my front door. BUT HEY. NOT COOL.


Good things to remember: tomorrow will be a snow day! 4-8" in our neck of the woods (I know that doesn't seem like a lot to some of you, but here it is!). School hasn't been canceled. Yet. But I'm sure it is.
All the landcom challenges are awesome :D
Bingo cards! [community profile] xmfc_bingo and [community profile] mag7daybook! such cool prompts :D
I have found THE Snow/Charming song. I want to use it for my [livejournal.com profile] waywardmixes mix, but I'm having trouble coming up with other songs that define the OTP. whoops?
19 February 2013 @ 11:20 am
I woke up this morning CONVINCED that my supervisor had sent me an email about our office flooding. Obviously a dream, since I'm in the office now. XD

Also, I'm doing HORRIBLY at packing lunches. That was a goal for this semester :(
UGH. I had coffee today. NOT GOOD LET ME TELL YOU. It's 11:58PM and I'm not even tired.

Also Once Upon a Time jerked me around like the worst roller coaster I've ever been on. Still can't form coherent sentences about it. Obviously will have to watch it again. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE DVR.
15 February 2013 @ 05:14 pm
uuugh. I am so, so tired. School has been... soul crushingly busy. FROM THE GO. wtf? this is not how I want to spend my last semester >:( But INTERNSHIP. Internship is good, even if right now I'm learning what I don't want in a workplace/potential employer/duties.

Fannish wise, Once Upon a Time is EATING MY BRAIN. as these things tend to do. wow, and I'm not like 5 years behind. IMPRESSIVE. got to catch up on landcomm challenges and such. icon galore!

Also, I want to take a crack at the tumblr screencap meme. Since I have like no followers over there (I'm mizz destiny over there too, fyi) I'll put it to you guys.

Stick a Number & a Fandom (and/or character) in my Ask the comments & I will make a 6-10 cap picspam from Screencaps That Get My Photoshop Senses Tingling.
Faceless (caps where the subjects face is not visible)
Looking Down (caps where the subject is looking down)
Up Close & Personal (screencaps where the subject is in close up)
Scenerygasm (the subject of these caps is the dominant scenery)
Full Body Shot(s) (caps where the subjects full body is in the shot)
Colours Abound (caps with great colouring even before editing)
Silhouettes (the subject should be in silhouette)
My Emotions (caps where the subject is displaying strong emotion)
the Space (the focus of these caps is interesting use of space [often negative])
Light! (caps with great base lighting, even before editing)
Tickles My Pickle (whatever tickles my pickle. though this is also innuendo and you’ll probably get a picspam of sex/shirtless screencaps)
Colours galore (I will pick one specific colour to focus on)
24 January 2013 @ 01:41 pm
*looks at christmas money*

I think I'm going to buy CS6. through the school it only costs about $300. My grandmother would approve, I'm fairly certain.

damnit I want PSDs. and selective coloring

Oh, and I feel down the stairs :( DAMN YOU WET AND COLD.